A magic place, where you can meet the real essence of hospitality. Because to feel like home so far away from your home, the beautiful rooms is not enough.. here you can also find special people who wants share to you their stories of berber’s life, their feelings and their smiles.
Here you can playing music on the beautiful terrace under a starry sky or walk throught wonderful kasbah near the camping.
Here the parfume of the desert and the typical mint tè comes into you and it never goes away.
If you go to Marocco you can’t never miss this place.
— Arianna Zampieron

A wonderful place where you can stay and living the real Berber life. You can sleep under the stars, taste the mint tea (Berber whiskey).
You meet Khamal and Idriss and you will fall in love with this beautiful people. A piece of your heart remains there to the Kasbah Ait Isfoul!
— Enrico Cangiotti

I could not have asked for a better trip. Just amazing! Kamal makes sure you want for nothing! You just get to relax and sleep under the start of you like. That was magic.
— Danielle Ahmee Boudreaux

Kamal and Michelle brought us right to the heart of every town, craftsman and kasbah. I was continuously blow away by the beauty hidden behind the clay walls we passed.I felt like the luckiest woman to be traveling through such a special land with two confident and creative guides. This duo will give you an unforgettable, very personal tour of the hidden secrets of Morocco; things the average tourist doesn’t get to be a part of.
— Allie Phillips

A magical place offering an authentic desert experience
— rita klachkin

Very few places I have visited have been able to deliver on that feeling that lives inside me as I day dream about them. I had been waiting for this trip for months; all its magic and allure. Morocco blew me away - the colours, the tastes, the pace of life. Having intimate relationships among Moroccans was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We shared time, and thoughts and laughs with people of the desert. I couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest woman to be travelling such a special land with two confident and creative guides. This duo will give you an unforgettable very personal tour of Morocco. Spending time at Aitisfoul and feeling the realness of the desert lives and creating in Michelle’s studio was a highlight for me. With every thoughtful gift and story you can see how much of themselves is put into their experiences. Pieces of Morocco will live in me forever, and I will be back again and again and again.
— Stephanie Kines