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Aitisfoul is a Kasbah of pise’ architecture (rammed clay) with local berber influences. Restoring the Kasbah was more an act of preservation and restoration than of transformation. We highlighted the structure’s weather-worn imperfections, wabi-sabi nature and blended it with the local desert environment, and the simple elegance of the Sahara, with all it’s stunning golden hues. 

The 10 guest rooms, Salon and Restaurant, feature high clay walls and berber beamed ceilings, local wooden doors and windows, accented by tamgoute handmade tiles, natural carpets and handwoven textiles are used throughout. 

For those wanting an evening in an authentic nomad tent, we have 5 nestled in the local dunes for you to enjoy.

Communal spaces, including the dining room, lounge, salon, pool and yoga pavilion bring guests together, while cozy nooks, layered with carpets and cushions are found both inside and out for those looking for  simple solitude. 

live in the seasons, dance in the sunlight and dream under the stars.
aitisfoul suite


Equal parts earthy and simplistic, our Kasbah is the best of the Sahara, having private basic nomad tents and rooms with the details and amenities of a boutique hotel, set amongst a desert Palm Oasis on the edge of an authentic Berbere Village in the Sahara.

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Take in the wild beauty of Southern Morocco before making your way to Kasbah Aitisfoul, where we will catch the magical sunset, against the backdrop of the swirling Sahara sands, witness the sun as it begins its descent, bathing the desert in magical light.

food aitisfoul


Our restaurant is the heart and soul of Aitisfoul. It epitomizing our ethos: a deep respect for our surroundings and simple local moroccan culture, gathered and shared together. Taste the desert in our food, a fusion of global influences and local ingredients that changes daily.




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A masterpiece of simplicity and expression, the clay buildings cleverly negotiates various pragmatic and emotive elements of the real desert experience. (The Berber’s) weren’t thinking about making something that looked a certain way, they were thinking, ‘Where is the sun, the wind? What is the structure’s purpose within its environment?’ That’s why their buildings have remained over time. Likewise, at Aitisfoul we started with the original purpose of the structure, the history of the local village life and the personality of the place. The concept evolved from these things organically.





desert life

With respect to the founder, Mohamed Yassine's overarching concept of Ait isfoul’s as a “gathering place” for meaningful interactions… its aim at creating connectedness and blurring the boundaries – with both locals and guests –

The idea is realized through the buildings and their relations to the environment, whenever possible making the natural life and land,  flow both inside and out.  Communal gathering places revolving around the pool and the covered pavilion are tastefully decorated with elements drawn from the environment – all to suggest that simplicity is our ultimate luxury. – the simple life, the desert life.


We invite you to ascend the clay stairs of the Kasbah, and let go.

Move to the local rhythm of the drums, the sand, sunrises, sunsets and

be with shifting sand of the Sahara.