aitisfoul kasbah

Aitisfoul is a state of mind.

Where beauty is accessible through just showing up. Connecting to the Sahara by learning to feel the immaterial, see the invisible, hear the inaudible…

Aitisfoul is a Kasbah of Tabout Architecture (rammed clay) with local berber influences and weather-worn imperfections. Wabi-Wabi by nature it blends in with the local desert village environment, and the simple elegance of the Sahara, with all it’s stunning golden hues.

12 room guestrooms, communal spaces, including dining room, lounge, salon, pool area, yoga pavilion, and large studio/flex room, designed to bring guests together, while cozy nooks, found inside and out for those looking for simple solitude. 

The art of imperfect beauty is accepting the natural cycle of time and decay. Using local authentic materials and surfaces, we’ve captured both the history of the area and blended it with modern day simplicity”


kamal michelle aitisfoul

Founded by Mohamed Yassine

Ait isfoul has been lovingly restored by owner Kamal Yassine, Mohamed’s grandson and partner, artist Michelle Fletcher.

In restoring it’s original beauty and charm, this small Kasbah, nestled in a Date Palm Oasis, shares it’s richly layered berber culture, traditions, its unique flavours of the Sahara and the simplicity of desert life. In collaboration with local artisans and craftsman, we have used traditional techniques and reclaimed materials whenever possible. 

Kasbah Aitisfoul has soul, and is in the heart of a berber village and filled with history and local character. We started Aitisfoul to help people experience the desert the way it should be— a way to connect. Beginning with inspiration from the desert and its raw raw beauty, as well as our own experiences traveling and connecting with people and places over the years.

We offer you a authentic and simple experience, with many details and comforts for you to enjoy the desert way of life.

the simple way, the desert way. 


Please spend the night, join us at a gathering, retreat or let us curate a handmade experience for you.

Aitisfoul supports an environment of collaborative togetherness.