The Gift of Slow

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Silence isn’t empty, it is full of answers.

Hours move by at a speed impossible to keep up with. The acceleration of the world disquised behind devices and the onslaught of information that entices us to try to do it all. Hours, days and even years can pass by unnoticed, while we are deep in the labyrinth of these distractions.

There is simply too much in this reality we inhabit, the constant assault of busy on all of our senses, it is so overwhelming, so disorienting that we can completely lose the ability to hear our own voice. These time consuming options can leave little room for meaningful connections with anyone, least of all ourselves.

Unsure of what we really want, the allure of following others becomes irresistible (IG). Unsure of where is next the safest place appears to be where the masses are headed. Without a clear centre of self it is easy to sway from one trend or idea to the next. The feelings we are left with are often of hollow. When you forget that matters to you and why, we are often vulnerable and find ourselves at risk of defining ourselves in what doesn’t truly matter.

What we need most is to truly know ourselves, and this takes time. Not just because we need time to learn how to listen but more so, deep knowing is built up over the course of our lifetime. We need to tend to our selves, we find ourselves through walking through unknown real life experiences. The ability to sit still with ourselves and see what truly moves us the most.

Slowing down is not just about speed. It is about taking the time to become aware, to process what is happening in our lives, how we feel about it and why. Through actively engaging in a meditation or contemplative practice we slowly become familiar with our own soul. With honest, real based awareness of all of our parts, the good, the bad, not for the sake of judging, but as the key to living a life that is truly of our own making.

The desert naturally allows contemplation and the reconnecting to S L O W . . . the practice of stillness, the ability to learn to be alone without distractions. To immerse our selves in our experiences, loose ourselves in the work at hand, with out all the modern conveniences and distractions of the digital world, and find our way back to our own centre .

The desert reset if you will, is the gift you receive if you come to the Sahara and get familiar with desert life and the rhythms of your own soul.

M x

desert, slow, sahara