Desert Life

Silence isn’t empty, it is full of answers.


1/ The desert is the master - if you ever think you have control of the natural world, come and experience the Sahara.

2/ Slow Life - the pace of life is slow, and the requirements for living are really simple.

3/ Shifting Sands - is a metaphor for life here - leaning into being flexility as life unfolds.

4/ Simplicity - the simpler that your needs, the more time you have to enjoy life.

5/ Watch + Wonder - the desert reflects back to you, either empty, or free with infinite possibilities.

6/ Let go - both time and expectations, the ability to truly be in the moment.

7/ Dream - the quiet and space creates an opening for you to dream wildly.

8/ The Art of Tying a Shesh - if you are in the desert long enough, you will learn to tie a shesh, the wind and the sand make it an essential part of desert life.

9/ Creativity - with more space and less of everything, it allows your creativity to soar.

10/ Star Gazing - the dance of stars that is present in the indigo sky makes you revel in the glow and puts your role in the world in perspective .

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Michelle Fletcher